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Red Flags, Good Surf and Sun

Destination: Puerto Viejo

Finally, it's a relatively sunny morning. The abundant vegetation glistens with remnant drops of rain, the air is fresh and Cabinas Guarana is quiet, except for birds singing. One final tour of the gardens reveals a guanabana tree, one of my most favorite fruits, but I don't pick it.

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We pack and leave our comfortable room at Cabinas Guarana and head for the beach. The storm system has passed and the waves are breaking cleaner today. There are still red flags out to warn swimmers but the surfers are happy today.

I never go to the beach without my beach chair. It enables me to sit with my feet in the surf stay cool, while staying relatively dry. Ahhh, the water temperature is wonderful and refreshing.

I walk along the shore for a while and am again (this happens to me often as I travel around Costa Rica) overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and beauty. There is no one else out here. Once you walk away from a hotel or parking access, the beach becomes deserted. I walk for a while marveling at the turquoise green water and blue skies. The hot Caribbean sun beats against my skin, but the cool ocean breeze softens its effects. Again, I am reminded of Costa Rica's beauty and sereneness. Pura Vida!

We check in to Kaya's Place, located just before you cross the little bridge into Puerto Viejo. Kaya's Place, truly an eco-lodge, has a unique atmosphere and it immediately feels like home. It has that "you can hang out here" feeling. Handmade, Afro- Caribbean style furniture (all made from native farm raised or fallen wood, no trees were cut for its construction) adorns the lodge and all the rooms, each in a unique fashion.

Our room is huge. We have a kitchen equipped with a stove and refrigerator and a furnished living area with benches, a table and even candles. We also have a turbo fan in the room, which cools everything off immediately. NICE!

The rain has moved in again and the cozy restaurant/lodge seems like the perfect way to pass the evening. They have dominoes, backgammon and checkers for guests to enjoy and we use the honor system to serve ourselves beer. There is a full service restaurant here but tonight the owner, JT, is cooking burgers for anyone who is hungry. It is a relatively quiet night here.

Red Flags, Good Surf and Sun in Pictures

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