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My Last Day in Samara

Destination: Samara

Waking up before sunrise, while the sky is bright but not yet yellow, is a rewarding feeling. Somehow you feel like you got a jump on the day. The sound of the ocean draws me in and I go for an early morning swim. The water is refreshing and almost a little too cool to stay in for too long.

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Snuggled up in a towel, I enjoy my last morning cup of coffee I'll have on the beach for a while and watch as the sky brightens into mid-morning.

Working up a sweat after packing up the tent requires a dip in the ocean, and this time it feels refreshing and I don't want to get out. I float for a bit and hear the high-pitched call of the Osprey above me. Closer inspection reveals a second Osprey soaring in the thermals with the numerous turkey vultures and the occasional Wood Stork.

The time to depart arrives. Reluctantly, I get in the car.

The drive back to San Jose passes more quickly than the journey here as most people appear to be headed to the beach for Christmas rather than to the City. I am always a little sad to leave the beach, but now that my home is in Costa Rica, I know I can return anytime.

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