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My Daily Dose of Salt Water

Destination: Tamarindo

The early morning high tide brings sporadic waves and many, many surfers. There are several surf schools in Tamarindo and many of the surfers here are beginners. I count at least 35 surfers in the water and many of them are clustered together in a small area. I really enjoy watching as people joyfully shout and wave their arms when they ride their first wave.

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I'm inspired and glad I brought a surfboard with me. I receive some brief lessons and off I go. A soon as I get in the water, the waves pick up. I catch a few but fail to get to my feet. 

I paddle around a bit getting the feel of the board and try to sit on the board to rest, but topple over several times. After swallowing more than my daily need of salt water, I return to shore, invigorated, and tired.

Surfing is something I have always wanted to learn how to do. I think I'll take surf lessons next chance I get. The long boards they rent you for surf lessons make it easier to stand up. After seeing so many people get out there and try, I know I can do it too.

The drive from Tamarindo to San Jose should take about 4.5 hours, but the main road leading out of Tamarindo, all the way to Belen is in the process of being paved and is currently in hideous shape. The road alternates between dirt with large depressions and large potholes topartially paved and full of potholes. When the road transitions from paved to gravel (about every 100-200 feet) there is a 10 to 12" steep, sloped, drop off. Just take it slow, even if you are in a rental car. Eventually, they'll pave the road.

Once we reach the Pan American Highway, the driving becomes much easier and we arrive back in San Jose in just a few hours. What a wonderful week of traveling at the beach.

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