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Journey Across the Osa Peninsula

Destination: Drake Bay

I had the opportunity today to tour the area around Drake Bay and travel to Puerto Jimenez by accompanying one of the staff on a trip to purchase supplies for Jinetes de Osa. The road to Puerto Jimenez cuts across the Osa Peninsula from Drake Bay to The Sweet Gulf (Golfo Dulce).

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Along the way, we drove through several streams that would be impassible during the wet season because of high water. After we passed the town of Rincon, there were metal bridges providing safe crossing over the numerous rivers and streams that run in between the two coasts of the Osa Peninsula.

All in all, it takes about two hours to travel to Puerto Jimenez from Drake. Puerto Jimenez is one of the main towns on the Osa Peninsula. Puerto Jimenez is a center of tourism and commerce where people from all over the Peninsula come to purchase their groceries, clothing and household supplies.

There are several hotels, restaurants, gift shops and plenty of companies offering tours and excursions. Tours from fishing excursions to hikes in Corcovado can be chartered from Puerto Jimenez.

We purchased the necessary supplies for Jinetes de Osa we were sent to buy and made the two-hour return journey home. We arrived just before dark, and, happliy, just in time for dinner.

Tonight was also a full moon. It was one of the most beautiful full moons I have ever experienced. It was a cloudless night and the full moon reflected over the Bay as the last hints of daylight faded into hues of pale pink and purple on the slightly clouded horizon.

I spent several hours relaxing on the beach after dark while soaking in the smells and sounds of Drake Bay. Frogs chirped, bats flew overheard, waves gently crashed along the shore. It was a splendid evening and one that will be impressed in my mind for a long time.

Journey Across the Osa Peninsula in Pictures

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