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Honeymoon Relaxation

Destination: Manuel Antonio

For me, there's something magical about watching the sun make its upward arc, and I love to hear the world wake up. This morning, I grabbed my camera and ventured out to enjoy the dawn. To my surprise, the Pacific beach had a beautiful view of the rising sun. Its reflection glistened on the shore, changing form and length in union with the ocean's ebb and flow. I was reminded that nature's scenes need no alteration -- they naturally take your breath away.

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During my hour-long walk, I scoured the sand for seashells, ocean rock, and sand dollars. I was delighted to find several colorful stones and unique shells, but the morning's most prized bounty was the 15 sand dollars I collected. Large and small, each was white and almost perfectly round, a wonderful honeymoon souvenir.

Fabian and I spent the day together, enjoying the endless beach and Timarai's grounds. The ocean borders Palo Seco's western side while an estuary defines its eastern limits; the thin strip of land, technically a small peninsula, is often called an island. We walked to the estuary side, observing the mangroves and waterfowl.

The tranquil day was certainly the trip's most uneventful, or so we thought until the evening. As I prepped for dinner, Fabian called up to me, his voice wavering, "I think there's a bat in the house!" I was certain he was pulling my leg, but when I walked downstairs, I found a small, brown bat clinging to the curtains.

When I first visited Costa Rica, I was afraid of any animal or creepy crawly that wasn't domesticated, but naturalist tours have alleviated many of those fears. The small mammal didn't scare me at all; rather, I was excited to liberate it. The poor creature seemed scared -- how it entered our suite is anyone's guess -- and we began brainstorming a rescue plan. Opening the double doors, I guided the curtain out into the open air. The bat, confused for a moment, made as if to re-enter the suite, but with a bit of encouragement, chose the great outdoors, hopping off the curtain and scampering away.

You read that right: he scampered! I had thought, like a ladybug freed from human hands, the bat would fly away. Instead, it waddled around the porch before walking down the stairs and off into the night. It was both bewildering and hysterical, and we wished it well.

Tomorrow Fabian and I would return home, our 10-day journey at an end. Our honeymoon in paradise had been even better than imagined, and we were already planning a trip for our first anniversary.

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