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Exploring Drake Bay

Destination: Drake Bay

I know my time here in Drake is coming to an end. I don't want to take for granted to beauty of the mornings here as the sun rises over the Bay and the morning mist slowly evaporates.

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I enjoyed another delightful cup of coffee this morning as the birds sang and the hummingbirds fluttered about.

There is a trail that follows the coast from Drake Bay all the way to Corcovado National Park (a six to eight hour walk from here). I spent the better part of the day walking this trail from Jinetes de Osa to Marenco Point. There are several hotels along the way I wanted to check out.

The trail was easy to follow and dipped and twisted along the shore just along the inside edge of the shade of the forest. Rocky outcroppings and sandy beaches alternated to form the coastline while small creeks flowed into the ocean and made for a wet trail in some locations.

At Marenco Point the Peninsula turns south and the coast faces west. I imagine there would be a beautiful sunset from the Marenco Lodge, which is located on a cliff with a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean.

I returned to Jinetes de Osa in the late afternoon to find that many new guests had arrived.

The bar at Jinetes de Osa is an after-workgathering place for many of the local guides and other folks working in Drake. Anytime after 4 pm, there is usually someone enjoying an afternoon refreshment. The new guests were lively folks and we all passed the afternoon amicably at the bar until dinner.

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