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Evacuation from Tortuguero

Destination: Tortuguero

No tours are going out today as it is windy and stormy, oh, and still raining. It poured all night too.

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There is talk of evacuating the tourists today because there is a hurricane warning for the Southern Caribbean/ Tortuguero area. If the hurricane hits here, there is no telling when visitors would be able to leave. As a result of high winds, trees and debris fall into the waterways, making traveling by boat dangerous until all of the debris can be cleaned up.

While I'm waiting to know what will happen with the storm, I tour Evergreen's frog garden. The Blue Jean tree frog is the main attraction here and I find several without any trouble. There are also geckos, spiders and other tree frogs to encounter. Forest borders the garden and there are plenty of birds flickering about, even in the rain.

There is a canopy tour here also. I will not be able to enjoy it though, as I just received word that we are leaving. Time to pack up and get going.

Bummer. My time in Tortuguero is ending sooner than I would like, But I know I will return to this magical place soon.

Evacuation from Tortuguero in Pictures

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