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Blue Skies and Wild Horses

Destination: Puerto Viejo

Early morning greets me with a warm sunrise and still cool breeze. I head to the beach for a quiet walk and to attempt capture the mornings tranquility on camera. There is no way a photo can impress upon you how beautiful a morning it is. The sun begins to warm the sand to a delightful temperature and the morning breeze is gentle and cool. Palm trees and beach almonds buffer the beach from the road while a kingfisher silently waits on a limb above a fresh water puddle. That is until I walk by and scare him off unintentionally. He flies away with a squeaky squawk.

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Back at Kaya's Place, it feels like Sunday morning as everyone drinks their coffee and gathers sporadically for morning chats.

Knowing my time at the beach is limited, I need to catch some rays. The black sand is really hot by now, but because I have my beach chair, I can sit with my feet in the water and my butt up off the sand.

There are several wild horses living in the Puerto Viejo area that meander along the shore grazing on vegetation. I saw one of these the other day walking unaccompanied down the street in Puerto Viejo, and I wondered from where he had escaped. Now I know. They are wild and protected. It is against the law to capture them. They roam freely and have their own agenda.

I take some time to do some writing before I head back to San Jose. I really do not want to leave, but the wireless internet from Puerto Viejo does not reach Kaya's Place and I need to get back to work.

The drive home is slow. There is a lot of traffic from Limon to Guapiles, and the Braulio Carrillo road is rainy and foggy. It is a much more difficult drive at night. Either way, I arrive safely home and ready for bed.

Blue Skies and Wild Horses in Pictures

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