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A Tree House in Puerto Viejo

Destination: Puerto Viejo

Cabinas Guarana offers free access to the kitchen including free coffee and tea from 7:30am until 9pm. They have a cozy breakfast nook sheltered from the elements with unique decorative tables and relaxing music in the background.

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It is still raining so we take lots of time to enjoy the breakfast nook, reading the local paper and relaxing. The detail in the design of Cabinas Guarana becomes apparent when one has time to observe. All the mosaic tile work at the reception desk and surrounding area is intricate and beautiful. Giovanna, the owner, has lent her personal touch to every aspect of this hotel.

The rain appears to have stopped so we venture out to do a foot tour of the town. Puerto Viejo is a small town that sits right on the Caribbean Sea coast, surrounded by black sand beaches and dense forest. To walk all the streets in the town of Puerto Viejo takes about an hour, depending on how much you shop. There are unique clothing stores, surf shops, restaurants and a variety of gift shops. Hammocks seem to be especially popular here.

There are a number of things to do here in Puerto Viejo and in the surrounding area. It is well know for surfing at the famous Salsa Brava surf break, for snorkeling (coral reefs line the southern Caribbean coast), canopy tours, rafting, canoeing, sea turtles, and indigenous village tours. These are all things I will do on my next journey here.

You can rent bikes and scooters to help get around if you don't have a car, though it is a bit far to ride your bike down a bumpy, bumpy road from Puerto Viejo to either Manzanillo or Cahuita.

Now the sun is actually breaking through so its time to go to the beach. The red flags are still up, but it is a beautiful day for enjoying the beach from the shore and breakers. I always make time to walk the high tide line for washed up jewels. Searching for raffia palm or an ox-eye seeds is definitely a hobby. I choose very carefully so as not to accumulate too much stuff!

Maxi's restaurant in Manzanillo serves a variety of fresh fish and Caribbean style dishes. Fresh seafood and a few beers after an afternoon at the beach -- now that sounds perfect!

Returning to the hotel, there is time to explore the tree house at Cabinas Guarana near room #5. It is about a 60' climb, straight up a sturdy handmade ladder to a small, but very stable tree house that offers views of the ocean and town. There is a great bird's eye view from up here. Everything looks so small. I bet the sunset would be beautiful from up here.

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