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A Relaxing Day at Playa Bejuco

Destination: Jaco

We slept in a bit and savored a late poolside breakfast at Hotel Mar de Luz. A constant breeze kept temperatures mild and comfortable, even on this warm summer day. I browsed some of Jaco's unusual gift shops and mentally redecorated my house, wishing I had an unlimited income. Handmade silver jewelry, original clothing, funky Asian-style lamps, and rustic home decor pieces were sold at reasonable prices.

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On the outskirts of town, a few furniture galleries specializing in items from Indonesia, Thailand and Guatemala were doing a brisk business. They mostly catered to Jaco's resident population of ex-pats, a blend of Dutch, Canadians, Italians, Germans and Americans. 

This melting pot of cultures and languages has had a big impact on Jaco, and is obvious in the town's eclectic mix of restaurants, hotels and shops.

English is the language of choice on the streets, and many visitors can spend an entire holiday in Jaco without ever speaking a word of Spanish. For some travelers, this may be a deterrent, but to many it reaffirms Jaco's reputation as an easy vacation destination.

That afternoon we decided to explore the wide, deserted beaches of Playa Bejuco. Located 19 miles south of Jaco on the way to Quepos, Bejuco is a place to relax and unwind. Forget about shopping, internet cafes, or nightlife of any kind. Bejuco's claim to fame is raw, untouched beauty where travelers can walk miles of beach without so much as seeing another person.

Strong riptides keep swimmers at bay, but Bejuco's surf is well-known in the local community. There are plenty of beach breaks, but fewer surfers than in nearby Playa Hermosa.

We arrived just before sunset, in time to take in a spirited game of soccer on the beach before watching a seemingly oversized sun melt into the horizon.

We stayed at Hotel Playa Bejuco, a new hotel and restaurant located a block from the ocean. Our rooms were both rustic and luxurious, with crisp linens, A/C, fridge, and cable, and large orthopedic mattresses on raised platforms. Twenty spacious rooms are centered around a large and small pool that look towards the ocean.

I loved the dark wood accents in our suite, and my back appreciated the firm but comfortable mattress. Hotel Playa Bejuco, like its sister hotel Mar de Luz in Jaco, is family-oriented. The restaurant serves all meals, including a filling breakfast with fabulous homemade bread, which is included in the room rate.

In Jaco, the nighttime thrills are just getting started around 10 pm, but here in Bejuco, it's the hour to wind down. If you want to relax and refresh your body and mind, this is the place to come.

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