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A Quiet Cloudy Day in Drake

Destination: Drake Bay

This was my first morning here to awaken to cloudy skies. A brief, intense morning shower passed by at 6:30 am, but the clouds lingered for the duration of the day.

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I had planned a walking tour of the area, but thought it better to stick around the lodge to avoid getting caught in a torrential downpour.

After catching up on some work, I laid down for a short rest, but slept a full 3 hours -- I must have been tired. There are no other guests here at Jinetes today, so it was just a quiet day.

I switched rooms today and moved to the Presidential Suite for my last few days here. These larger rooms offer 2 double beds, a large spacious bathroom and a better view of the Bay because they are higher up (comparable to the level of a second story).

I was glad to be well rested when the night arrived, since it is Saturday night (the main night of the local disco) and, after all, it is my job to go check it out!

The local disco is located on a hill up a long flight of steps. It has an amazing view of the Bay. Most other nights they offer karaoke but since it was Saturday night, they played a mix of dance music including salsa, meringue and my least favorite, reggaeton.

The bar was pretty full (it's the only disco and late night bar in town) and drinks were rather inexpensive (700CRC for a beer and maybe 1000CRC for a rum or whiskey drink). I have to be honest; I did not have to buy myself one drink the whole night. There were many generous men who offered, everytime my glass got low, to buy me another. I only had to pay my cover charge at the door of 2000CRC. (roughly 515CRC = $1)

I danced a bit and enjoyed friendly conversation with many of my new friends who live and work in Drake Bay. About 2 am, I carefully made my way down the long flight of steps and along the beach back to Jinetes. Navigating the high tide and the rocks in the dark was fun! I only got a little wet.

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