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A Morning in the Canopy with SkyTrek

A Morning in the Canopy with SkyTrek

A Morning in the Canopy with SkyTrek

Destination: Arenal

The anticipation builds as you ascend more than 4,000 feet above Arenal in Sky Adventure's gondolas. Below you, Lake Arenal spreads out over the horizon while Arenal volcano looms above. From the observation platform at the top, you'll have incredible views of Arenal's peak and your first look at SkyTrek's zip lines.

The Cables

The cable from the observation platform stretches across a valley more than 66 stories above the forest floor – that's taller than some skyscrapers. Before riding that cable though, there are two introductory cables to teach guests how to ride SkyTrek's specially designed pulley and harness system.

Guests ride the cables nearly horizontal, with their knees up while holding on to steel handles, which are attached to the pulley. To brake, guests spread their legs in a 'V' shape and move the handles back and forth to create friction, but don't worry too much because there are guides at the end of every cable to help you stop.

After riding the first two practice cables, it's time for the real thing. The third cable, the one seen from the observation platform, is a pre-made shot of adrenaline as you practically fly across the valley with Lake Arenal on your left and Arenal volcano on your right. As you reach the far side, you'll see a landing strip and a guide to slow you down and unharness you from the cable.

The next series of cables take guests crisscrossing back and forth across the valley at an average speed of 50 mph. That is, until you reach cable five, better known as "Speedy Gonzalez" where guests and guides have clocked more than 70 mph – depending on the winds and body position.

Big Poppa, cable seven, is the longest of the cables taking guests nearly a half mile from the forest to a tall free standing platform high above the visitor's center. Photographers are stationed underneath the last to capture your close up as you touch back on the earth beside the visitor's center.

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