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Turrialba Volcano

Turrialba Volcano

Quick Facts

  • Location : Turrialba Volcano National Park
  • Altitude : 10,922 feet above sea level

The Spaniards called this volcano "Torre Alba" (White Tower) because its eruptions gave the impression of a huge white tower. This large, volcano stands to the northeast of the Irazu Volcano. Its chilly summit holds three principle craters, but, since there are no paved roads to the top, it receives few visitors. Nature lodges located in the area offer horseback excursions to the top. The Turrialba crater is 7,200 feet wide at the widest point and is made up of three principal craters.

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The central crater possesses an intermittent lake, thanks to abundant precipitation in the region and has fumarolic activity.  The western crater has magmatic activity, but not more recently than more than 150 years ago. Currently, the Turrialba Volcano demonstrates activity in the form of escaping gas and vapors and has some instability in its internal and external walls.  It has an explosive potential that, if it erupted to its potential, it could be devastating to the Central Valley. 

Turrialba Volcano in Pictures

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