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Sea Turtle Conservancy

A five-minute walk from Tortuguero village, the Sea Turtle Conservatory (Formerly the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, or CCC) focuses its energy and resources on marine turtle conservation. Field biologist Dr. Archie Carr founded the CCC in 1959 in response to falling populations and wide-scale turtle poaching. Thanks to volunteers and community efforts, it is illegal to kill turtles and poach their eggs. Ongoing efforts, including police patrols and community watch, ensure that the turtles remain protected. Additionally, the conservancy now tags and carefully monitors turtles as they come ashore to nest. The Sea Turtle Conservancy offers a variety of biology classes and accepts volunteers from March through April to assist in turtle research. The visitor center has educational displays as well as a short video presentation on turtle conservation. (Admission: $2; Phone: 2709-8125)

Sea Turtle Conservancy in Pictures

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