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Playa Negra - Puerto Viejo

Playa Negra - Puerto Viejo

A single, resilient coastal almond sapling grows from a husk that was once a barge carrying out cacao and bananas to off-shore freighters – a lone reminder of Puerto Viejo's past abandoned on the vast volcanic sands of Playa Negra.

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Like an overturned chess board, Playa Negra's black and white patches of sand spill across the beach into the Caribbean Sea. On sunny days in September and October, the water turns crystal clear, like blue-tinted glass. When it rains, the sea churns opaque, navy blue against the shore.

Playa Negra stretches more than seven miles from the entrance of Puerto Viejo all the way to the border of Cahuita National Park making it a great beach for long strolls. Playa Negra is considered one of the safest beaches for swimming in Puerto Viejo, but visitors should still watch for rip tides when swimming out past their waists.

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