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Playa Cocolito near Drake Bay

The spirit of primordial earthly paradise dwells in the sands and waters of Playa Cocolito. Soft-hazel-nut colored 200-feet sandy stretch with chocolate chunks of volcanic rocks that are constantly caressed by the surf in a effort to remind you that you also belong there.

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Hike 30-minute south from Agujitas town, pass the Agujitas suspension breach, stair below to the sea and catch a glance of something floating on the river, and follow the trail until you get to Playa Cocalito.

Playa Cocalito is often completely deserted, despite its proximity to small hotels in the area. It is the perfect spot to escape from the charm of town and flat-out sun worshipping or partaking in a picnic away from Agujitas town.

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