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Playa Biesanz

Playa Biesanz

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  • Location : Manuel Antonio

The tropical rainforest camouflages the cream-colored sands of Biesanz Beach's hidden cove off Quepos point. It's the kind of beach you dream about visiting. The kind of beach you see on a postcard with immaculate clean sands and hermit crabs scuttling into the clean blue water.

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To get there, you'll need a sharp eye. Drive toward the end of Quepos point and look for the trail entrance a hundred yard after the Shana Hotel. You'll see a small break in the fence and a dirt trail winding down into the forest.

After a short walk, you'll hit the beach. Shady lush, tropical trees border the cream-colored sands that spread out into the water. Usually, a local sits under a tree where you can rent snorkeling gear for $10 all day, or kayaks, $20, to ride off shore and visit Manuel Antonio's best snorkeling spot, a submerged rock not far from the beach.

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