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Pinuelas Beach

Pinuelas Beach

Quick Facts

  • Location : Ballena National Marine Park
  • Type : Cobblestone and sand
  • Popularity : Locals and visitors

Crooked walls of sheet rock jut out at the southern point of Pinuelas Beach like a tectonic plate ripped out of the half-mile sandy stretch reflecting the laughter of the waves toward the trees holding the earth above the tide line.

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You'll find the beach at the southern-most end of Ballena National Marine Park, but you won't need to pay the park entrance fee to enjoy it.

Locals and visitors mingle across Pinuelas' chalky shores, below the stones and driftwood perched where the high tide settles. Waves ripple past swimmers curling onto the shore where it's not uncommon to see a pick-up game of locals playing soccer.

A stream nearly splits the beach in half, flowing from the forest beside the shaded parking lot, bathrooms and showers. Off the coast, Three Sisters and Whale Islands look as if they were floating atop the incoming swells.

Take care to not leave any belongings in your vehicle.

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