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Osa Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Osa Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Quick Facts

  • Location : San Martin; 7 km south from Dominical
  • Hours : 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Telephone : 8879-6194
  • Entrance fee : $25 per person
  • Time length : 1 hour

Like most baby monkeys, Pedro and Coco love to play. Pedro knows how to open the door to his enclosure. He fiddles with the latch and the door swings free. He leaps out. Behind him, Coco, who spent 8 months tied to a 4-foot length of rope, follows. The white-faced monkeys explore the boundaries of their enclosure looking for bugs to eat. Tentatively, they creep closer to us, until they are jumping onto your shoulders.

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It's not every day you get to see monkeys, let alone have them crawl on you. Osa Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, a non-profit wildlife rescue center, offers guests the chance to get up close to some of Costa Rica's exotic wildlife including white-faced monkeys, titi monkeys, parrots, parakeets, agoutis, pacas, coatis and more.

While you won't always have the chance to play with monkeys, (monkeys can only be handled until they reach sexual maturity), you will definitely have the opportunity to visit with more than 40 different animals that cycle through the sanctuary.

Mike Graeber, Osa Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary's owner and caretaker, personally handles all the tours. Guiding guests through each of the sanctuary's enclosures, you'll hear each of the animal's stories, learn about Costa Rica's wildlife and get closer than you ever imagine to the local animals.

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