Costa RicaCosta Rica

Neofauna Butterfly Farm and Serpentarium

Quick Facts

  • Location : North of Jaco
  • Area : 1/4 acre

Hold a year-old cuddly, capuchin monkey named Caesar in your hands or wander around the butterfly garden, serpentarium and frog enclosure at the Neofauna Butterfly Farm and Serpentarium near Jaco.

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This 10,000-square foot facility is home to Costa Rica's most famous frogs: the red-eyed tree frog as well as the black and green poison dart frog. Guides, included in the price of the tour, educate visitors on each stage of a butterflies' metamorphosis as they pass through the butterfly gardens;  the habits and preys of each of the reptiles as they walk through the serpentarium that features the vemonous fer-de-lance snake as well as boas, vipers and more.

Neofauna Butterfly Farm and Serpentarium in Pictures

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