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Monteverde Frog Pond

Monteverde Frog Pond

Quick Facts

  • Location : Downtown Santa Elena
  • Hours : 9 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
  • Telephone : 2645-6320
  • Entrance Fee : $13.50 adults, $12 students

As dusk settles over Santa Elena, the Frog Pond's choir of more than 25 different species of frogs and toads begin their nightly songs. During the day, blue jean frogs' ribbit their songs of love to attract prospective mates and signal their virility. Meanwhile red-eyed tree frogs curl against the underside of large, tropical leaves waiting for the cover of night to open their piercing red-eyes and reveal their brilliant blue and yellow side-stripes.

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By far, the award for the most unique frog at the Frog Pond belongs to the crown frog; a rare species that lives in the rainforest canopy and has exposed bones protruding from its head in the shape of a crown.

Searching among the leaves, branches and ponds inside the frog enclosures, guests will find some of Costa Rica's most well-known species. Guided (included in the price of the ticket) and self-guided tours are available both day and night so that guests have ample opportunities to see the frogs.

Over the years, the Frog Pond has grown to include a family-oriented canopy tour with nine cables, two rappels and a Tarzan swing. It's also added an insect exhibit and a butterfly garden housing more than 25 species of butterflies across 5 different gardens.

Monteverde Frog Pond in Pictures

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