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Quick Facts

  • Location : Monteverde; 110 miles north of San Jose
  • Hours : 8 a.m.-2 p.m. daily
  • Telephone : 2645-6058/2645-6981
  • Entrance Fee : $30-$60; package deals are available

Take the plunge off Central America's highest bungee jump, gallop on horseback through the countryside and glide through the air like superman on zip lines nearly half a mile long at Extremos Adventure Park. Residing in the cool mountains of Monteverde, Extremos combines adrenaline-inducing activities with spectacular views of Monteverde's rolling hills, mountains, pastures and rainforests.

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Canopy Tours

More than 2.5 miles of cables stretch between mountains hundreds of feet above Monteverde. Tours at Extremos last for around three hours taking guests on a rollercoaster of adrenaline across 15 zip lines, a 98-foot rappel, a two-hundred foot Tarzan Swing and a flight-simulating-superman-cable where guests soar like the fabled superhero across a zip line more than 3,000 feet long. $40 per person.

Bungee jump & Extreme Swing

Feel the breeze blowing through your hair standing on Extremos' specially-designed platform/gondola hundreds of feet above the meadows of Monteverde. After a brief introduction, double-safety checks and some helpful encouragement, dive 470-feet into the valley below in the largest bungee jump in Central America. $60 per person.

The Extreme Swing, a giant Tarzan swing, is an only slightly less gut-wrenching alternative to the bungee jump. After the guides attach the harnesses and the ropes, guests are lowered beneath the platform then set free. After a brief free fall, guests swing out 294 feet across the valley at a height of more than 150 feet. $35 per person.

Horseback Riding

Ride through Monteverde's rolling hills among coffee fields, through creeks and along ridges with panoramic vistas of the surrounding valleys. Well-trained horses lead the way on a ride that can match riders' experience levels: Enjoy a relaxing ride and take in the scenery or ask to step-up the pace and try your hand at trotting or galloping. After riding through the backcountry near the town of CaƱitas, guests will cross into the high hills where they'll stop for most spectacular view of the Nicoya Gulf in all of Monteverde. $30 per person.

Extremos in Pictures

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