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Damas Island Mangroves

Damas Island Mangroves

Quick Facts

  • Location : 2 miles northwest of Quepos

Twice a day the tide floods the Damas Island estuary forming a series of canals that weave through the tangle of trees and fallen logs that make-up the mangrove forest. The different types of mangrove trees like the black mangroves, the pineapple mangroves and the white mangroves form a unique and important ecosystem that drains the salinity from the brackish water, protects the nearby town of Quepos from erosion and provides an important habitat for local wildlife.

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Capuchin monkeys hide among the branches of the trees, swinging, scratching, playing and eating. Nearby, boa constrictors camouflage among the branches while hungry American crocodiles float idly beneath. Herons and other waterfowl perch on the dead logs of fallen trees and deep in the canopies hide the world's smallest anteater, the pygmy anteater. You can book 2-hour boat and kayak tours to Damas Island through a number of eco-tour operators in town. Excursions include transportation, beverages and a bilingual naturalist guide.

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