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Netflix Launches in Costa Rica

Starting September 12, Netflix will launch its movie and TV streaming service in Costa Rica. Members can now enjoy films and TV episodes via Internet for as little as $8 a month with the company's instant streaming service. Use any Internet-connected device such as your laptop, iPad, smart TV, or game console to access thousands of programs in just seconds. This eagerly awaited service will be a boon to those who miss programs back home that don't air on Cable Tica or SKY satellite television. Netflix has recently expanded into 43 other countries, and will reach Central America and the Caribbean by the coming week.

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For many residents in the Central Valley and popular beach towns, high-speed Internet is common, but reliable, broadband connections reach fewer homes here than in the U.S.  This may prove a deterrent to Netflix, as will the cheap ($1) pirated movie rentals available in every city and town. Regardless, the Netflix instant streaming service will be a welcome addition to many homes across Costa Rica. So grab some popcorn and settle in for your favorite flick or TV show!

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