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Tips for Safe and Fun Zip Lining/Canopy Tours

Tips for Safe and Fun Zip Lining/Canopy Tours

Before You Go

  1. Bring a camera with a strap that will fit around your hand to shoot with one hand while holding on/braking with the other.
  2. Make sure your bags - allowed at most places - can firmly strap to your body.
  3. Keep keys and other small, sharp or pointy objects out of your pockets and store them in your bag because the harness can squeeze them against your legs.
  4. Wearing pants isn't necessary, but can help prevent some friction against bare skin from the harness.
  5. Bring a hair tie if you have long hair.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes that won't fall of while riding ; don't wear flip flops.
  7. Make sure young children are accompanied by adults.

Riding the Cables

  1. Don't ever put your hand in front of the pulley while moving on the zip line.
  2. Cross your legs and pull up your knees while riding the zip line for balance and control.
  3. Know the guide's hand braking signals, they often vary from tour to tour.
  4. Pull down on the cable to brake and don't squeeze it (with the braking glove).
  5. Brake earlier when it's raining as the lines can get slick.
  6. Keep your head to the side of the cable so your helmet isn't rubbing it as you run the zip line.
  7. Put your head down if you see an incoming branch and let it hit your helmet to avoid getting bushwhacked.