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Holidays, locally known as feriados, are dear to the hearts of all Costa Ricans. Banks, post offices, museums and government offices close on most holidays. Try and avoid travel during Easter week, a very special holiday in Costa Rica. Businesses will close their doors from Thursday through Easter Sunday. Christmas to New Year's can also be a challenging time to travel in country. Hotels are booked months in advance and public transportation operates on a restricted schedule. 

January 1:

Año Nuevo (New Year's Day). If you're in San Jose, you'll enjoy joining the big dance in central park. 

March 19:

Dia de San Jose (St. Joseph's Day)

Miercoles de Ceniza (Ash Wednesday):

Celebrated nationwide by processions. In Guanacaste, processions include horse, cow and bull parades. In Liberia, you're invited to attend the Guanacaste bullfights (the bull is not harmed).

Semana Santa (Easter Week):

Businesses will close the whole week before Easter weekend. 

April 11:

Dia de Juan Santamaria (National Hero's Day) celebrated with parades in Alajuela.

May 1:

Dia de los Trabajadores (Labor Day)

June 25:

Anexion de Guanacaste Commemorates Guanacaste's 1824 entrance into the Costa Rican union.

June 29:

Dia de San Pedro y San Pablo (St. Peter and. Paul's Day)

August 2:

Dia de la Virgen de Los Angeles (Virgin of Los Angeles Day) honoring St. Mary, Patron Saint of Costa Rica.

August 15:

Dia de la Madre (Mother's Day).

September 15:

Dia de la Independencia (Independence Day). A nationwide celebration of independence from Spain in 1821; lots of parades and speeches.

October 12:

Dia de la Raza (Columbus Day) Celebrates Columbus' discovery of the Americas.

November 2:

All Soul's Day

Christmas Week:

Costa Ricans celebrate the season with a week of fireworks, bullfights and fun fairs in San Jose. Christmas Day is a family-oriented holiday. Parents load up the kids for a trip to the beach. On Christmas Eve, families gather around the tree, waiting until midnight when Santa will arrive with their gifts.