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Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance

Depending on where you live in Costa Rica, you can expect up to 120 inches of yearly rainfall during the green season months of May-November. September and October are typically the country's wettest months, so be sure to prepare your home in advance and avoid water damage to your property with these tips.

  • Prune back trees that are close to your home and remove any dead branches that may fall during heavy rains.
  • Clean all downspouts, pipes and gutters thoroughly. To avoid blockage, place wire mesh over gutter openings so leaves and other debris don't clog the canal.
  • Replace downspouts for plastic chains on gutters that are accessed easily and not close to trees. The chains will channel water into drain boxes more effectively.
  • Clean drain boxes of all debris at the start of each rainy season.
  • Check storm ditches to make sure water can be drained regularly.
  • Re-apply exterior protective finishes that have deteriorated during the dry season.
  • Maintain and replace exterior surfaces and connections including flashings and sealants that may provide a means of water infiltration.
  • Examine your roof before the rainy season for any leaks or cracks. Heavy rains and wind can easily damage or worsen an existing problem.

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