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Beachfront Property

House: Yes, rustic

Well: Yes

Maritime zone: Yes, 127,573.861 sq. ft. 

Concession: Yes

Remainder: 83,054.330 sq. ft. of IDA

Protection zone: Much of the land is protection zone, but there is a 3,137m2 section towards the beach that is zoned for multiple units.

Land use: Up to 5-6 houses can be built and sold as a high-end residential development, with 5,381.90 sq. ft. + of land for each house.

The owner will take 10% down, with the rest due in 3-6 months when the IDA part becomes titled and is released.

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Construction Description

This in one of the very best properties in the area. It is a very large beachfront property right by the point break, with beautiful white sand beaches in front. The property has a small, rustic house with a well that has water through March, used for irrigation, and a stream that meanders through part of it.

About Neighborhood Area

The Nicoya Peninsula is located on Costa Rica's northwestern coast.

Nearby Destinations

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  • Price: $2,750,000 USD
  • Type: Commercial
  • View: Ocean
  • Property Use: Investment Property





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