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Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure for women who have a problem with asymmetric or large labia.

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The surgery reduces large labia (labia minora and labia majora) to minimize their outward appearance and correct irregularities. Many women dislike the protuberant appearance of their labia minora. This may cause embarrassment with a sexual partner or loss of self-esteem. Labiaplasty can also relieve the physical discomfort associated with such conditions. The aim of the surgery is to provide a normal and symmetrical appearance of the inner and outer vaginal labia. Large or asymmetric labia typically result from childbirth, genetics, sexual intercourse or aging. An asymmetry between the inner and outer labia may also cause discomfort.

The techniques used in labiaplasty vary among doctors. Some surgeons may use Iris scissors which are also used in eyelid  and facelift procedures. Other doctors operate using a scalpel, or both instruments. After surgery, the labia and surrounding area may be tender and bruised, and swelling can last for several weeks. Surgeons typically advise patients to refrain from heavy exercise for three weeks, and to postpone sexual intercourse for six to eight weeks. Patients will see the final results of labiaplasty in three to six months.

Labiaplasty is normally performed under local anesthesia, where patients are numbed and awake. The procedure is usually performed at the doctor's office or an outpatient surgery center. Time in surgery is typically less than two hours.

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