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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, also referred to as blepharoplasty, is a popular procedure used to remove excess fat, skin or muscle from the lower and upper eyelids.

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The procedure can dramatically improve droopy upper eyelids and baggy skin under the eyes. Eyelid surgery may also be performed to treat a condition called ptosis (drooping eyelid), which may impair vision. The condition is caused by nerve damage or poor muscle tone. Blepharoplasty may be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures including a facelift or brow lift to improve droopy eyebrows, facial sagging and crow’s feet around the eyes. The surgery does not correct dark circles or deep wrinkles around the eyes.

Since many young adults suffer from droopy eyelids and puffy eyes, an ideal candidate for blephoraplasty may be as young as 30. The focus of the surgery is to restore the natural shape of the eye, giving patients a fresh, rested appearance.

During upper eyelid surgery, fine incisions are made in the natural crease above each eye. A thin crescent of excess muscle and skin is removed along with excess fat from the middle of the lid. Very fine sutures are used to close the incisions. Lower eyelid surgery has two surgical techniques. In the transconjuntival approach, the incision is hidden inside the eyelid and is performed only on patients that need excess fatty tissue removed.

If a patient needs both excess skin and muscle removed, an incision is made in the natural crease below the lash line. The muscle and skin are then repositioned, and any excess skin is removed. There is never any contact with the eyeball itself.

Afterward, the surgeon usually puts a lubricating ointment on the eyeball. Sutures are removed about seven days after surgery. The swelling and bruising will continue to subside after suture removal. Sunscreen and sunglasses are required for several weeks following blephoraplasty, and regular activities can be resumed after a week. Strenuous activities such as bending, heavy lifting or cardio-exercise can be resumed after three weeks. It may take up to two months for patients to see their final result.

The procedure usually takes between one and a half to two hours and may be performed under general or local anesthesia.

Eyelid Surgery Package – 7 days at the Cosmetic Center  $2,500.00

Costs include : surgery, surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, pre and post-op appointments, customary medications, transportation to/from the airport and to/from the surgery and primary doctor’s appointments, meals and nursing assistance. Also included are: wireless Internet, private bathrooms, Direct T.V. and telephones (complimentary direct U.S. and Canada calls after 5:00 P.M), high speed computers and an in-room safe.

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