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Eco-Volunteer Opportunities

Share your skills, make a difference, and show commitment to the earth by becoming an eco-volunteer. Whether you're a student looking for something fun, or considering a green vacation abroad, there's an eco-volunteer opportunity for you. Work in a field that interests you, and leave things a bit greener after you're gone. Opportunities range from single-day events to multi-week volunteer vacations, and virtual volunteering from home.

Go Local:

  • Start or participate in a community vegetable garden.
  • Teach “leave no trace” to school groups or park visitors.
  • Initiate a clean up for your local beach, park, river, or roadside.
  • Offer your services for a special eco-event or fundraiser.
  • Initiate a recycling program for your school or community.
  • Volunteer with the National Park Service, Nature Conservancy, Audubon Society, or other local environmental group.
  • Help with trail maintenance in your nearest park.
  • Become a virtual volunteer and help nonprofit green organizations online.

Volunteer Abroad:

  • Teach conservation and environmental awareness to communities in need.
  • Monitor and protect endangered nesting sea turtles.
  • Care for injured and orphaned animals at a wildlife refuge.
  • Assist scientists in coral reef management and protection.
  • Work on a sustainable farm and learn permaculture.
  • Teach English to tour guides in the ecotourism industry.
  • Assist in environmental research projects.
  • Help with environmental health and gardening projects in rural communities.
  • Work with organizations to protect endangered species and restore habitats.
  • Do humanitarian work with orphanages or womens' cooperatives.