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Samara Restaurants & Nightlife

Be it typical Costa Rican, Italian, Spanish or Argentinean cuisine, there are some truly wonderful culinary treats in Samara.

Ahora Si Veggie Restaurant

Samara's first vegetarian restaurant, Ahora Si welcomes diners with a rainbow of colors:  billowing white curtains, tangerine accents, and blue rafters complement the kaleidoscopic menu. Choose from fresh veggie pastas, gourmet pizzas and a dessert menu featuring selections of homemade ice cream and dressed-up fruit treats.


Ancla serves the best Italian food outside of Italy. No exaggeration. Four-cheese gnocchi is their specialty, to be washed down with a glass of imported wine.

Casa Esmeralda

The catch of the day takes center stage at Casa Esmeralda. Enjoy fresh fish, shrimp, lobster and other seafood specialties, as well as international dishes offering pasta, beef, chicken, and pork. Takeout is also available, and is a great way to cater your own beachfront picnic.

Cafe Hola Bakery

This is the most popular breakfast place in town, serving truly wonderful coffee and bread. Don’t come here if short on time, as the service is on beach-time.

Coco’s Restaurant

Run by locals, Coco's is the number one place to enjoy authentic Costa Rican food. Their chicken and steak casados (typical plates of meat, salad, rice, beans, and fried plantains) are highly recommended.

Gusto Creativo Italiano

This bar-restaurant promises a unique twist to favorite standbys. From ginger-spiked beer and black margaritas to wasabi cream tuna and lobster spaghetti, the restaurant's cuisine is as good as its beachfront location.

Las Olas

Las Olas translates to “the waves,” which patrons can hear simply by stepping outside this ever-popular bar. With pool tables, foosball, beachside seating and great bartenders, this establishment fills up nearly every night of the week.

Lo Que Hay

Lo Que Hay puts a gourmet twist on everyone's favorite comfort foods. Enjoy nachos fresh from the fryer, and taco variations like blackened fish in a cilantro-lime cream sauce. The pizzas are delicious, and toppings range from the standard pepperoni and mushrooms to olive oil and grated coconut. 

Samara Organics

Refresh, replenish, and recharge at Samara Organic Cafe, where local, organic fare is the star. Quench your thirst with electrolyte-rich coconut water or smoothies to reduce blood pressure, and fuel your body with a tasty veggie-hummus sandwich or spiced taco salad.

Shake Joes

Shake Joe’s is the best place to pre-game before a long night out at Las Olas. Large and comfortable beds situated right on the beach replace normal chairs, encouraging people to lie down, relax, and unwind. They open at 5:00 p.m. and close right before Las Olas gets busy, around 10:00 p.m.

Main Restaurants in Samara

Bar Arriba - Costa Rica Bar Arriba As the sky fades to dark, Bar Arriba lights up. Vivid red lights, four plasma screen TVs and energy radiating from ... more > Casa Esmeralda - Costa Rica Casa Esmeralda Not to share her secret, but chef Ana Cecilia Castro uses parsley in just about all of her recipes at Casa ... more > Coco's Mexican Restaurant - Costa Rica Coco's Mexican Restaurant For a taste of Mexico in Samara, belly-up to Coco's Mexican Restaurant during happy hour seven days a week to savor... more > El Ancla Bar and Restaurant - Costa Rica El Ancla Bar and Restaurant A colored sugar-dusted piña colada and icy watermelon planter's punch tantalize from a table on the beach at El ... more > El Lagarto - Costa Rica El Lagarto Wood is the way at El Lagarto in Playa Samara, where savory local seafood, vegetables and high quality meat cuts ... more > El Sabor de Mi Tierra - Costa Rica El Sabor de Mi Tierra A meal at El Sabor de Mi Tierra glimpses into culture beyond cuisine, serving classic dishes in a breezy roadside ... more > Falafel Cafe - Costa Rica Falafel Cafe Stop by the Falafel Cafe at the Samara Natural Center for healthy grab-and-go sandwiches and salads loaded with ... more > Gusto Beach Sports Club - Costa Rica Gusto Beach Sports Club You're invited to Gusto Beach Sports Club for a dose of Italian beachfront extravaganza — celebrating with ... more > Hotel Rancho de la Playa Restaurant - Costa Rica Hotel Rancho de la Playa Restaurant Hotel Rancho de la Playa Restaurant has food that makes you want to dance — putting its unique spin on grilled ... more > Kmbute - Costa Rica Kmbute Like the house where the neighborhood kids gather after school, Restaurant Kmbute, the staple and only public ... more > La Vela Latina Beach Bar - Costa Rica La Vela Latina Beach Bar Nachos, burgers, seafood and drinks: dinner at La Vela Latina Beach Bar's got the food you crave when you're ... more > Leyenda Restaurant - Costa Rica Leyenda Restaurant Just about everyone in Carrillo knows about Leyenda Restaurant, nearly famous for its heaping portions of fresh ... more > LuvBurger - Costa Rica LuvBurger LuvBurger has a health mission: save the world one hamburger — or lack thereof — at a time. Bringing their 'guilt-... more > Pizza and Pasta a Go Go - Costa Rica Pizza and Pasta a Go Go From Main Street in downtown Samara, the enticing aroma of warm crust and melted cheese wafts from the ovens of ... more > Puerto Carrillo Hotel Restaurant - Costa Rica Puerto Carrillo Hotel Restaurant Between the serene sunrises, radiant afternoons and sublime sunsets at Playa Carrillo, venture up a seaside hill to... more > Samara Organics Market & Cafe - Costa Rica Samara Organics Market & Cafe Get your health food fix at Samara Organics Market and Café just around the corner from the beach in Samara. Stop ... more > Soda Colochos - Costa Rica Soda Colochos It's one thing to eat fresh ceviche. It's a whole different thing to pull up to a soda and find the owner carving ... more > Soda La Perla - Costa Rica Soda La Perla Take a seat at the surfboard table or wrap around counter in front of Soda La Perla, where Owner Narcisa Diaz and ... more > Tabanuco Beachfront Restaurant and Bar - Costa Rica Tabanuco Beachfront Restaurant and Bar Shimmy your way over to Playa Samara's iconic Tabanuco Beachfront Restaurant and Bar, where you'll find the answers... more > Zen Den - Costa Rica Zen Den Zen Den in downtown Samara's got the rhythm for a great night out - and you wouldn't expect such amplitude from its... more >

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