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Playa del Coco Attractions

Beaches (from north to south): 

Gulf of Papagayo

The Gulf of Papagayo is dotted by 12 golden-sand beaches separated by gray cliffs that jut out into the Pacific Ocean. The calm coves’ protected waters are ideal for beginner swimmers, young children and visitors just wishing to relax. Many of Papagayo’s secluded beaches are best accessed by canoe or sea kayak. Their sparkling sands dance with scuttling hermit crabs, and the gulf’s resident howler monkeys will boldly call out to you during a relaxing sunbath. Make a date to watch the sunset from one of these gentle strips of sand – Papagayo is known for some of the best sunsets in Costa Rica.

Playa Panama

Just a mile south of Papagayo, Playa Panama is a bay within a bay. The resulting waters are nearly wave-free, and perfect for floating the afternoon away. Playa Panama is very popular with vacationing Costa Ricans, who often set up camp on the beach.

Playa Hermosa

Not to be confused with Jaco’s neighbor of the same name, Northern Guanacaste’s Playa Hermosa is an elegant, mile-long strip of gray-sand beach. Tide pools mark its northern and southern points, and its bay is always filled with fishing boats, sailboats and even the occasional cruise ship.

Playa del Coco

Shaped like a horseshoe, Playa del Coco is one of Guanacaste’s most popular and accessible beaches. Hard-packed gray sand is ideal for walks down its mile-long beach, and the waves are often strong enough for boogie boarding fun. Playa del Coco is the best departure point for trips to Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock, both located in Santa Rosa National Park. These surf breaks are world famous and some of the best in Costa Rica, though not for the faint of heart. Witch’s Rock is particularly well-known for its appearance in the classic surf movie Endless Summer 2. Playa del Coco is also one of the best scuba diving and snorkeling locations in the country. Diving tours depart daily for the rich waters of Bat Island and Santa Catalina Island, and sailboat tours regularly take snorkelers to reefs and underwater volcanic formations.

Playa Ocotal

Just two miles south of Playa del Coco, Playa Ocotal is quieter and more relaxed than its busy neighbor. A small gray-sand beach lines the waterfront.

National Parks, Private Parks and Wildlife Refuges:

Africa Mia

One of Guanacaste’s newest and most unique attractions, Africa Mia safari park is a treat for all. Giraffes, antelope and zebra roam the open savannah, the lovely El Salto waterfall rumbles in the distance and visitors happily feed the park’s ostriches, dromedaries (one-humped camels) and deer. Located just one hour away from your Playa del Coco hotel, this is an ideal day trip for the entire family.

Guanacaste National Park

Adjacent to Santa Rosa National Park, 86,000-acre Guanacaste National Park boasts several habitats from lowland dry forest to mountainous cloud forest. Two volcanoes – Orosi and Cacao – frame the park, and researchers can often be found perusing its lands for new discoveries. Guanacaste National Park is about a one and a half hour drive from Playa del Coco.

Lomas de Barbudal Wildlife Refuge

Backing up to Palo Verde National Park, this tranquil wildlife refuge helps to protect endangered rosewood and mahogany trees. The 6,500-acre park is also home to 250 bee species – about 25 percent of the world’s total – as well as 200 bird species. There is a small network of hiking trails throughout Lomas de Barbudal, and most visitors are accompanied only by wildlife and the occasional researcher. At just one and a half hours from Playa del Coco, Lomas de Barbudal is a convenient and memorable day trip.

Palo Verde National Park

This 45,500-acre wetland sanctuary is the largest component of the larger Tempisque Megapark, which also includes the Caballero Wildlife Refuge, Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve, Barra Honda National Park and the newly-added Cipanci Wildlife Refuge. More than 300 bird species make their homes here, including herons, storks, spoonbills, egrets, ducks, scarlet macaws and toucans. Monkeys, bats, American crocodiles, coatimundis, armadillos and jaguarundi join their avian neighbors, and make a trip to Palo Verde National Park one that is not soon forgotten. Just south of Lomas de Barbudal, Palo Verde National Park is located just over an hour and a half's drive from Playa del Coco.

Santa Rosa National Park

One of the oldest national parks in Costa Rica, Santa Rosa sprawls out over almost 96,000 acres. The park serves as one of the most important nesting sites for several turtle species, and is also a symbol of national pride: Costa Rica has only been invaded three times by foreign armies, and each time, the would-be conquerors were defeated in Santa Rosa. Reaching Santa Rosa National Park is a challenge, but it’s worth the 1.5 hour trip. More than 250 bird species, 50-60 bat species, 115 mammal species, 4000 moth and butterfly species and thousands of insects make their homes here. Visitors may hike miles of trails, explore the historic La Casona building and Monument to the Heroes, or simply relax at one of the park’s beautiful ocean overlooks. Santa Rosa National Park is also home to famous surf breaks Ollie’s Point and Witch’s Rock.


Tempisque River

Beginning at the Guanacaste Mountain Range, the Tempisque River travels 90 miles south to empty into the Gulf of Nicoya. The river cuts right through Palo Verde National Park, and many river tours float along its waters in search of white-faced monkeys, American crocodiles, and hundreds of bird species.

Day Trips:

Rincon de la Vieja National Park

A mere 90-minute drive from Playa del Coco, Rincon de la Vieja National Park offers well-groomed trails, towering volcanoes, boiling mud pots, steaming fumaroles and amazing natural beauty. Full-day tours depart daily and include transportation, a guided tour, lunch and unforgettable memories.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

One and two-day tours depart almost daily, climbing from Costa Rica’s dry savannah into the country’s most celebrated cloud forest. Walk through the canopy along hanging bridges, swing among the trees on the country’s first canopy tour and experience one of the most bio-diverse regions in Costa Rica. Views from Monteverde seem to stretch out forever, and on a clear day you can see straight out to the Pacific Ocean.

Arenal Volcano

One and two-day tours depart almost daily, traveling to one of Costa Rica’s most popular tourist destinations. The majestic Arenal Volcano sets off lava light shows nearly every night, and the area’s hot springs are famous for their restorative properties.

Barra Honda National Park

Go on a caving expedition at Costa Rica’s most famous and labyrinthine caves. Known for its spectacular rock formations and incredible views, visitors will witness geological formations created more than 50 million years ago. Hike through the ancient caves and discover the park’s weaving waterways on a full-day trip from your Playa del Coco hotel.


Discover the beauty of one of Nicaragua’s most colorful cities, Granada. Gaze at its canary yellow church, walk through its colonial streets and swim in nearby Laguna de Apoyo. Purchase souvenirs at the eclectic Masaya market and drink in the views of the town’s active Masaya Volcano.

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