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Monteverde's cloud forests drip with life creating hiking experiences unlike any other place in Costa Rica. Trek through the forest that carpets the continental divide where light dappled trails lead through verdant valleys brimming with ancient oaks and gnarled fig trees; their canopies dense with emerald leaves, their roots sprawled over the forest floor scattered with leaves.

Meanwhile, a variety of different exhibits close to Santa Elena showcase Monteverde's unique plant and animal life. Visit the Monteverde Butterfly Garden for a close-up look at glass-wing butterflies, stop by the Bat Jungle to watch the fruit and nectar-eating bats or drop in the Orchid Garden to see some of the 400 species of orchids that live in the canopy of Monteverde's cloud forest. 

Main Attractions in Monteverde

Bat Jungle - Costa Rica Bat Jungle Bats hang upside down curling their wings over their faces greedily sucking on a morsel of fruit before swooping ... more > Children's Eternal Rainforest - Costa Rica Children's Eternal Rainforest Costa Rica's largest private reserve sprawls across the mountains and valleys dividing Arenal and Monteverde: a mat... more > Curi Cancha Reserve - Costa Rica Curi Cancha Reserve Passing through the entrance to Curi Cancha you'll step underneath an ancient ficus tree stretching toward the sun.... more > Extremos - Costa Rica Extremos Take the plunge off Central America's highest bungee jump, gallop on horseback through the countryside and glide ... more > Monteverde Butterfly Garden - Costa Rica Monteverde Butterfly Garden Show up in the late afternoon at the Monteverde Butterfly Garden and a guide may give you a bucket of newborn ... more > Monteverde Cheese Factory more > Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve - Costa Rica Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Clouds curl over the continental divide drifting through the forest creating one of the most unique habitats on the... more > Monteverde Cloud Forest Train - Costa Rica Monteverde Cloud Forest Train Replica 19th century steam engines roll through the misty cloud forest taking guests along 4 miles of track through... more > Monteverde Coffee Farm - Costa Rica Monteverde Coffee Farm For the last four generations, Guillermo Vargas family has grown coffee in the hills of Monteverde. These days ... more > Monteverde Frog Pond - Costa Rica Monteverde Frog Pond As dusk settles over Santa Elena, the Frog Pond's choir of more than 25 different species of frogs and toads begin ... more > Orchid Garden - Costa Rica Orchid Garden Grab a magnifying glass and join in the search for the more than 450 different orchids that creep along tree trunks... more > Rancho Heliconia - Costa Rica Rancho Heliconia Coffee signals the beginning and ending of a work day on the slopes of Monteverde. Brewed in steaming chorreadores,... more > San Gerardo Station - Costa Rica San Gerardo Station Trek in to the rainforest along the Caribbean slopes of the continental divide at San Gerardo Station; set in a ... more > Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve - Costa Rica Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve Dew clings to the fuzzy, green moss that envelops every tree trunk and vine hanging in the Santa Elena Cloud Forest... more > Selvatura - Costa Rica Selvatura Selvatura features a full day of adventures deep in the cloud forest along the Caribbean slopes of the continental ... more > Serpentarium - Costa Rica Serpentarium The grey eyes of the Bushmaster shine like polished charcoal from the corner of its glass enclosure. A half-inch of... more > Sky Adventures - Costa Rica Sky Adventures Creep up the side of a mountain enjoying views of the cloud forest, dripping wet and drenched in plant life: ... more > Trapiche Tour - Costa Rica Trapiche Tour As the molasses begins to cool, it's poured into pools over a large wooden countertop where visitors make their own... more >

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