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Top Reasons to Invest in Costa Rica

Get the most out of your hard-earned dollars in Costa Rica, Latin America’s safest country for foreign investment. The country’s stable democratic government, comparatively low prices, and protective real estate laws make Costa Rica an ideal location for real estate purchases. Enjoy a laid-back lifestyle in a country known for its friendly locals, temperate climate and miles of gorgeous beaches. Here are our top reasons why you should consider investing in Costa Rica.

1. Stable Democratic Government

Costa Rica is one of Latin America’s most stable governments. It is frequently referred to as the “Switzerland of Central America,” and has enjoyed peaceful democratic policies since it abolished its army in 1948.

2. Amazing Natural Beauty

Soaring mountains, active volcanoes, sublime beaches, tropical rainforest and towering waterfalls grace Costa Rica. More than 25% of the country’s land is protected by national parks, reserves and refuges.

Costa Rica's natural beauty can't be beat

3. Laid-back, Pura Vida Culture

Costa Ricans are known for their friendliness and hospitality toward total strangers. Gregarious and very family-oriented, Ticos (Costa Ricans) truly live a pura vida lifestyle. More than a just a national slogan, “pura vida” is a way of life: savoring life’s simple pleasures and living in harmony with one another.

4. Incredibly Low Taxes

The annual property tax in Costa Rica is .25% and there is no Capital Gains Tax, making investment opportunities even more appealing. These rates are much lower than in the United States and Canada. Furthermore, only income that is generated in Costa Rica is subject to income tax and large amounts of this is considered deductible.

5. Low Cost of Living

Housing, services and medical care in Costa Rica are much cheaper than in North America. Expats interested in simple living should budget $1500 or less monthly, though much depends on your lifestyle and needs.

6. Zero Ownership Restrictions

Foreigners enjoy the same rights as do Costa Ricans in terms of real estate ownership. All titled, fee simple properties are registered in the National Registry of Costa Rica, which help protect your ownership rights.

7. Quality, Affordable Health Care

Costa Rica’s private and public hospitals offer high-quality medical care at a tiny fraction of its U.S. equivalent cost. Monthly rates begin at $20 per individual for insurance through the public health care system, while policies with private hospitals and clinics run between $50-$100/month.

Progressive environmental policies protect local wildlife8. An Educated Populace

Costa Rica boasts a large middle class and a 95% literacy rate and is considered one of the most well-educated countries in Latin America. After abolishing their army in 1948, funds were poured into both education and environmental conservation.

9. Adventure Activities

Costa Rica is an adventure playground, offering its residents almost every activity under the sun. Go scuba diving with sharks, canyoning down waterfalls, or hiking in one of the country’s beautiful national parks and reserves.

10. It’s the Greenest, Happiest Country on the Planet

Costa Rica is considered the “greenest, happiest country in the world” by the New Economic Foundation (NEF) and tops the Happy Planet Index (HPI). The criteria used includes how people rank themselves in life satisfaction, as well as other factors such as life expectancy and the ecological footprint of the country.

Fabulous weather, friendly people, low cost of living and solid investment opportunities: it’s no wonder so many people are buying real estate in Costa Rica!

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