Costa RicaCosta Rica

Playa Negra

Quick Facts

  • Location : 9 miles south of Tamarindo
  • Altitude : Sea level

A 10-minute drive south Avellanas is neighboring Playa Negra. Despite its name - which means “black sand” - Playa Negra is actually golden brown with distinguishing strips of dark gray sand crisscrossing the beach. Like Avellanas, Negra is relatively undeveloped and known for its surf. A spattering of surf shops on the beach offer lessons and board rentals, but Negra isn't known for being beginner-friendly. Competent surfers are usually the ones venturing to Negra for its famous reef point breaks and incomparable barrels. But, the beach isn't designated, "surfer's only," and it attracts all types of beach-goers - especially between December and April when steady breezes and ideal conditions make Negra a lovely place to visit. In general, the rocky reef and strong currents are not ideal for swimming and while it can be fun to watch the surfers, Playa Negra is more geared towards the surfing community and less towards the sunbathing community. 

Playa Negra in Pictures

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